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Our History

Steve grew up on a dairy farm and between us we have raised horses, dairy goats, chickens, turkeys, emus and show dogs.  One day Steve noticed someone selling Scottish Highlands, an unusual breed of cattle.  The more we researched the breed the more we liked them. We decided purchasing one or two Highlands was a good idea. Well, obviously Highlands are like potato chips, you can't have just one or two, as we now average over fifty head  in our Scottish Highland fold.


The Scottish Highland Breed

A group of Highlands is called a "fold" not a herd. This breed is very docile, intelligent, excellent foragers and are recognizable by their horns and long hairy coat.  Because of their coat they do very well in the Iowa winters only needing some protection from the winter winds. It has been noticed that Highlands do not increase their feed intake until the temperature drops to -18 degrees F, other breeds increase their intake at 32 degrees F. In the hot weather they need shade and appreciate a stream or pond to cool off.  Highlands have a great longevity, they've been known to calve at 20 years. Because our cattle are not treated with hormones or an antibiotic regimen this grass fed and grass finished beef is a much healthier meat. A study conducted by the Scottish Agricultural College showed that Highland beef is significantly (about 40%) lower in fat and cholesterol. It contains more protein and iron than other beefs.


And Now...

As I stated our two Highlands grew to a fold of fifty plus and it was time to start marketing this amazingly healthy and tasty beef. We are very pleased to announce as of May 2019 our beef will be available at the Oneota Coop in Decorah! You can still find us at the Decorah Farmers Market and the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market.  Our oldest granddaughter has been involved with the cattle from the start and she helps with the meat sales.  This young entrepreneur has started her own business, "The Crafty Chick".  She averages a flock 70 free range hens providing farm fresh eggs to sell.  Additionally she creates unique craft items and paracord bracelet to have for sale at the Markets.


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Highland View Farm

Decorah, Iowa, United States

(563) 380-0731


Decorah market runs May - Oct

Wednesday afternoon 3pm - 6pm

Saturday morning 8am - 11am

Cedar Rapids  Downtown Market -  2019

7:30am - 12pm on  May 25th

Then the first and third Saturday of the month through August with the final Market on September 21st.

See the Contact page for further details.